Who is Earth Changes Central...

A Look at ECC1
Earth Changes Central (ECC1) started out in the late 1990's as a Yahoo! Email group and within a short time expanded into a website and forums.

At the time Earth Changes Central was formed the author and founder of ECC1, Sherwood Ensey, was working on antifederalist and constitutional issues, and on the papers of Thomas Jefferson. A small group of individuals approached Sherwood and asked him if he would be interested in helping them work on earth change and Planet X issues, and the author agreed.

In a short time Sherwood found himself under attack from a group of radical neocons, some of them government types. Sherwood soon found it rather curious and interesting that his work on constitutional and antifederalist matters was not attracting the kind of neocon attention that earth change issues was attracting, and this immediately raised red flags.

If there was nothing to climate and earth change issues, then why were neocons and government paid Imitative Communications Deception agents so interested in attacking those looking into and writing about climate and earth change matters, and solar and space issues?

Earth Changes Central and it's author, and others involved with ECC1, soon found themselves embroiled in a battle royal with far right neocon types, as well as government orchestrated and/or owned Imitative Communications Deception (ICD) agents from just about every avenue. Some members involved with ECC1 were directly contacted by these rather nasty individuals and fed one lie after another until they left Earth Changes Central, and/or removed their support. The idea behind the attacks on members of ECC1 was to ultimately silence Earth Changes Central, which of course has not happened. Goes to show the cowardice, lies, and general overall stupidity of the neocons and the ICD agents. The individuals attacking Earth Changes Central had no idea that for the most part their moves were being traced via a sophisticated software program. When many of the neocons and ICD agents did find out they were being traced, and that we knew exactly what they were up too, they quickly became beligerent, defensive, and super nasty.

Because Earth Changes Central takes an alternative view, there will always be those who have comments and questions about the work we do at ECC, and there will always be those who are skeptical, in one form or another, about subjects that are presented at ECC.

Earth Changes Central was born out of the desire to inform the people about the profound changes that are happening around us, and to give the people an alternative source to news and information about subjects and issues the people have a right to be hearing, and reading about; without the news and information being doctored, and/or controlled by the powers-that-be, as is the case with much of the news we are getting today.

ECC is a Member Supported Site
Earth Changes Central continues to remain a member supported site, and funding to keep the site running is currently done through the generous donations of it's members. Unlike sites that are similar to ECC, there is no financial cost involved to join and membership to ECC remains FREE at this time, and we hope to keep it like that.

Those who would like to make a donation to keep Earth Changes Central going, and to expand the work that is being done by Earth Changes Central, are encouraged to make a donation. Any amount will do, and the donations are very much appreciated.

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