Big Brother Has Arrived and is Alive and Well

From "Big Brother Has Arrived and is Alive and Well"
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November 12, 2004
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Imagine you are driving home from work one night in the very near future, or even tonight, and you confront this scene at an intersection.

Now use your imagination just a little, and imagine that the intersection has been closed off by this tank, and not only is the intersection closed off, authorities with the tanks, who are on the ground, are asking you for your National ID card. Oh my god, I don't have one you say to yourself. Or maybe you don't look just quite right to the authorities. Either way, the situation is probably not going to be good for you.

The next thing you know you see the authorities without provocation from the crowd that has gathered, suddenly start shoving and pushing members of the crowd, who are doing nothing more than trying to stop the forward movement of the tanks.

The tank commander suddenly shouts to the authorities on the ground below: "Get that one and that one - put them in the detention trucks!"

Sounds like images from a Hollywood movie, right? Well it isn't. It is today in the USA, and they are images of what is going to be going on in the USA, yesterday, today, and tomorrow. The "Big Brother" future imagined by George Orwell has arrived..., thanks in large part to President George W. Bush and his friends at the Council for National Policy.

The images shown are from the Anti-War protest in Los Angeles, California on November 09, 2004. A protest where uniformed soldiers in tanks showed up, and showed that they will need very little provocation or reason to use military might against American citizens.

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