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Following is Part 1 of Cosmic Catastrophism is Real. Two years after the article was written, the article continues to be widely read and remains very popular.

Cosmic Catastrophism is Real presents a side to the story and science of catastrophism that the powers-that-be does not like the public to have knowledge of, or an understanding of.


Because, cosmic catastrophism is real..., it is not a myth.

Cosmic Catastrophism is Real
Part 1
December 12, 2002
By Sherwood Ensey

More and more evidence of ancient civilizations continues to be discovered by the day. After this introduction, is details on one of the latest discoveries. Pay close attention to this statement:

"The underwater finds are part of a growing body of evidence suggesting the existence of civilizations older than anything previously imagined."

As more and more of this hard evidence of "...civilizations older than anything previously imagined," continues to be discovered, this evidence is giving even more validity to the work and writings of Immanuel Velikovsky, and the fact that great upheavals and "cosmic catastrophism" have befallen Earth on more than one occasion, and that there is no reason to believe that a massive catastrophe will not strike Earth again, possibly in the near future. This of course gives a high degree of validity to the Planet X type scenario, past and present.

[On December 26, 2004, a GREAT earthquake and tsunami struck the Indian Ocean, Southeast Asia, and Indonesian region with a deadly fury, in what can easily be described as a massive catastrophe, proving massive catastrophes are not a myth. And neither is cosmic catastrophism -Sherwood]

These continued facts and validations of what Immanuel Velikovsky researched and then wrote about, in Worlds in Collision, Ages in Chaos, Peoples of the Sea, Earth in Upheaval, and the many other papers which Velikovsky authored, will of course not sit well with the naysayers and debunkers who continue to hold onto their antiquated scientific and historical axioms, acting very much like they are the main players in the same type of an inquisition that tried Galileo for heresy.

Velikovsky comments on this very issue in his book, Ages in Chaos:
"I call Ages in Chaos the second front because, after having disrupted the complacent peace of mind of a powerful group of astronomers and other textbook writers, I offer here major battle to the historians. The two volumes of the present work will be as disturbing to the historians as Worlds in Collision was to the astronomers. It is quite conceivable that historians will have even greater psychological difficulties in revising their views and in accepting the sequence of ancient history as established in Ages in Chaos than the astronomers had in accepting the story of cosmic catastrophes in the solar system in historical times. Indeed, a distinguished scholar, who has followed this work from the completion of the first draft in 1942, expressed this very idea. He said that he knows of no valid argument against the reconstruction of history presented here [in the book Ages of Chaos], but that psychologically it is almost impossible to change views acquired in the course of decades of reading, writing, and teaching.

The attempt to reconstruct radically the history of the ancient world, twelve hundred years in the life of many nations and kingdoms, unprecedented as it is, will meet severe censure from those who, in their teaching and writing, have already deeply committed themselves to the old concept of history. And many of those who look to acknowledged authorities for guidance will express their disbelief that a truth could have remained undiscovered so long. from which they will deduce that it cannot be a truth."

This is what is wrong with the naysayers and debunkers of a Planet X type object and the belief that cosmic catastrophes have not struck down past and great civilizations on this planet, and that it cannot happen in the future. The naysayers and debunkers of a Planet X type object's, are so locked into their hard line, and outdated scientific and historical axioms, that they cannot see the truth for all of the lies and deceptions that have created, and continue to create, in order to protect their antiquated scientific and historical axioms, which for the most part are no longer valid. Still, and acting very much like inquisitors engaged in a dark ages inquisition, the naysayers and debunkers continue to hold onto their old and outdated ways.

Velikovsky continues:
"Should I have heeded the abuse with which a group of scientists condemned Worlds in Collision and its author? Unable to prove the book or any part of it wrong or any quoted document spurious, the members of the group indulged in outbursts of unscientific fury. [Much like the current batch of naysayers and debunkers of "cosmic catastrophism" and a Planet X type object entering the solar system are doing today-SE.] They suppressed the book in the hands of its first publisher by the threat of a boycott of all the company's textbooks. despite the fact that when the book was already on the presses the publisher agreed to submit it to the censorship of three prominent scientists and it passed the censorship. When a new publisher took the book over, this group tried to suppress it there, too, by threats. They forced the dismissal of a scientist and an editor who openly took an objective stand, and thus drove many members of academic faculties into clandestine reading of Worlds in Collision and correspondence with its author. [The same thing is happening today with the research and writings of James M. McCanney M.S., and the subject of Planet X - SE] The guardians of dogma were, and still are, alert to stamp out the new teaching by exorcism and not by argument, degrading the learned guild in the eyes of the broad public, which does not believe censorship and suppression are necessary to defend the truth. And here is a rule by which to know whether or not a book is spurious: Never in the history of science has a spurious book aroused a storm of anger among members of scientific bodies. But there has been a storm every time a leaf in the book of knowledge has been turned over. "We are most likely to get angry and excited in our opposition to some idea when we ourselves are not quite certain of our own position, and are inwardly tempted to take the other side - Thomas Mann"

We had best start paying attention to the many and varied warnings, writing and hard evidence, which confirms that "cosmic catastrophism" has indeed happened in the past, and that it will happen in the future - it is no longer a matter of if it will happen, but when. Immanuel Velikovsky researched and wrote extensively about the subject, and James McCanney is currently
warning us about it again, and that the next great cosmic catastrophe to strike planet Earth could be right around the corner, and that the great catastrophe to befall Earth could be coming from a Planet X type object that is currently headed our way.

It's time to wake up and smell the roses folks.

Archaeologists announce discovery of underwater man-made wall
The China Post staff

Underwater archaeologists yesterday announced the discovery of a man-made wall submerged under the waters of the Pescadores Islands that could be at least six and seven thousand years old. Steve Shieh, the head of the planning committee for the Taiwan Underwater Archaeology Institute, said the wall was discovered to the northwest of Tong-chi Island in the Pescadores towards the end of September.

The stone wall, with an average height of one meter and a width of 50 centimeters, covers a distance of over 100 meters, Hsieh said.

The wall ran along the ocean floor at depths of between 25 and 30 meters, he added.

Shieh said that divers found several places along the wall where holes were apparently filled up with pebbles, possibly in an attempt to block winds.

The wall was located by a team of divers working in cooperation with the National Museum of History and the Department of Environmental Sciences at the National Sun Yat-sen University.

In August, researchers scanning waters in the area with sonar discovered what appeared to be the remnants of four to five man-made walls running along the bottom of the sea.

Despite difficult diving conditions, Shieh said that a team of more than ten specialists was able to ascertain the positions of at least three of the wall sections.

The proximity of the wall to a similar structure found in 1976 suggests that it may be further evidence of a pre-historical civilization.

A three meter high underwater wall was discovered by amateur divers in waters off the nearby Hu-ching (Tiger Well) Island.

British archaeologists examined the find and proclaimed that the wall was probably made between 7,000 and 12,000 years ago.

The current find stands a mere 100 meters from the site of that discovery.

Six years ago, evidence of a sunken city in the area was found when amateur divers found the remains of what appear to be city walls taking the shape of a cross on the ocean floor.

Further examination suggested the ruins were made between seven and ten thousand years ago as well, although Japanese researchers put the walls construction at between 10,000 and 80,000 years ago.

Taken together, the discoveries have helped to overturn the established notion that Taiwan's earliest aboriginal inhabitants made their way here from mainland China some 6,000 years ago.

The underwater finds are part of a growing body of evidence suggesting the existence of civilizations older than anything previously imagined.

On this theory, entire cities ended up underwater after sea levels rose towards the end of the last Ice Age, a date cited by Plato as being some 9,600 years ago.

One of the most dramatic examples of evidence of civilizations found on ocean beds has been megalithic structures off the coast of Yonaguni-jima in Japan that have been interpreted in some circles as being built for sacrificial rites. According to Shieh, a similar structure has been located off of the shores of Taiwan's Pingtung County .

Shieh said that he and his association have plans to explore that location as well as what appears to be a man-made path on the ocean floor off of Taitung County sometime next year.

Cosmic Catastrophism is Real, Part 2

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