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Following is Part 2 of Cosmic Catastrophism is Real. More than two years after the article was written, the article continues to be widely read and remains very popular.

Cosmic Catastrophism is Real presents a side to the story and science of catastrophism that the powers-that-be does not like the public to have knowledge of, or an understanding of.


Because, cosmic catastrophism is real..., it is not a myth.

Cosmic Catastrophism is Real
Part 2
December 12, 2002
By Sherwood Ensey

"If then, there really were at one time simultaneous catastrophes of fire and flood, then - if we wish to exclude chance from playing a role - we must look for a common cause of the two phenomena. Now, it has already been shown that the fire of Phaëthon resulted from the appearance of a meteor: therefore the Great Flood must be traced back to this same event. But is this possible? Without question! In doing so, it is necessary to a proper evaluation of our answer that one should first make oneself acquainted with a few scientific facts."
F. X. Kugler -- Almost a Catastrophist

The Role of the Naysayers and the Debunkers
Most of the population on Earth is being subtly coerced into believing that a Planet X type cometary body entering into our solar system and coming close to Earth, and causing a massive cataclysm is some sort of a made up fantasy, or a new age type of myth. In many cases this coercion has gone so far as to inform the masses of people that cosmic catastrophes have never struck Earth during the time period that human kind has been on Earth. In addition, that past recollections of these massive disasters, some of the accounts of these great catastrophes written down for future posterity to decipher & read, never happened, and that the written accounts of these past cosmic cataclysms are no more than the wild and vivid imagination's of past writers who didn't know what they were talking about, or what they had witnessed.

The list of excuses the naysayers and debunkers use, to try and hide the existence of past massive cataclysms from the people is almost endless, and generally speaking, the excuses of the naysayers and debunkers of cosmic catastrophism fits into the same general category as those who have tried to explain away the Nazi run Holocaust of World War II - saying it too never happened. Like it or not, the excuses the naysayers and debunkers continue to offer, whether it is to try and explain away cosmic cataclysm, the Holocaust, or the existence of a Planet X type cometary body, is nothing more than the work of tyrants who care more about preserving the status quo of the elitists and the few, than it is about preserving and telling the actual truth about those events. A simple fact remains, events like comet fragments and other cosmic debris striking planets and causing cosmic catastrophism, has happened, whether or not the tyrants and their hired guns [the naysayers & debunkers the tyrants employ] like it.

It is becoming increasingly apparent that the role of the naysayers and the debunkers, in regards to Planet X and cosmic catastrophism, is aimed more at preserving the status quo of the naysayers and their elitist masters, than it is in preserving and telling the truth about those issues, and that preserving their own lives and lifestyles, and that of their elitist masters, is vastly more important than preserving the lives of the masses of human kind on planet Earth. This scenario makes one wonder if the basic relationship between slave and master has really changed that much over the Millennia. The material conditions of the slave's in some parts of the Earth may be a little better today than it has been in past times and epochs, but the masses of the World are still pretty much the slaves of the few, and definitely slaves of the status quo mentality and way of thinking imposed by the few on the many.

Another subtle way that the masses are subtly manipulated and mislead, is through the masses own lack of knowledge and education in regards to certain types of subject matter. In the case of Planet X and cosmic catastrophism, the lack of knowledge is in the area of ancient history and science. This is not true with everyone in society, especially those who have the inclination to continually educate themselves, and who have also taken the time to read this article and others similar to it.

My personal inclination towards knowledge and educating ones self, and an attitude that I encourage others to openly follow for themselves, is to read, study, research and investigate, and don't stop until you have found the answer - not just the answer I may present, or that another presents; look for and find the answer that best fulfills your questions, and even then, don't stop looking, or asking questions, or pursuing the quest for knowledge, because you may have only found part of the answer. This is especially true with science and history.

"Science is generated by and devoted to free inquiry: the idea that any hypothesis, no matter how strange, deserves to be considered on its merits. The suppression of uncomfortable ideas may be common in religion and politics, but it is not the path to knowledge; it has no place in the endeavor of science. We do not know in advance who will discover fundamental new insights."
Carl Sagan, Cosmos, 1980, page 91

The Photon Belt Issue
Recently I was confronted with the following short reply to Part One of Cosmic Catastrophism is Real, a reply that really had nothing at all to do with the first part of the article that was written. Still, and because I received some complaints about the reply that was written in response to the first part of Cosmic Catastrophism is Real, I believe that an appropriate and educated response to the reply is in order.

What was written in response to part one of Cosmic Catastrophism is Real: "I think that part of the suns increase in activity has to do with the photon belt that our solar system is passing into. It is an area if much higher energy that our solar system passes through on occasion. Since the sun is electrically driven then that would explain why it is getting so active." The response, then made a direct reference to this link: http://www.crawford2000.co.uk/photon.htm, whereupon the reader is linked to a page, which tells the reader that the poster of the material at the page in question, does not know where the following article came from, and then is led directly to the first paragraph of the material, which states: "There is a pulse coming from the centre of the galaxy (galactic core), which has now been measured and discovered by astronomers to and is known as the Photon Belt. There are also other sources of energies entering our Solar System such as Cosmic and Gamma rays. The Solar system itself follows a 26,000 year orbit around the galactic core and we enter this "Photon Belt" of energies every 13,500 years. Scientists are now measuring Pk readings that have increased six fold and we are also experiencing massively increased solar flare and Coronal Mass Ejection Activity."

Because the material at the crawford2000.co.uk page has a direct bearing on the reply that was made to part one of Cosmic Catastrophism is Real, I will respond directly to what was written at the Crawford site first.

First, some facts about our solar systems orbit around the galactic nucleus:

"The Sun is locked in a vast orbit around the galactic nucleus [core], completing each revolution in a period of approximately 250 million years."
Encyclopedia Britannica, 15th Edition, "Milky Way" - Also Pg. 237, The Mars Mystery, Graham Hancock

"The Milky Way rotates around an axis joining the galactic poles. Viewed from the north galactic pole the rotation of the Milky Way is clockwise. In the area of the solar system the period of rotation is more than 200 million years."
Encarta 98 Desk Encyclopedia, 1996-97 Microsoft Corporation, "Milky Way"

The Encyclopedia Britannica and the Encarta references are the correct scientific calculation(s) to be considered in regards to the Sun's orbit, and our solar systems orbit around the "galaxy (galactic core)," and not the answer given at the Crawford site. So what about the time period of 26,000 years, which is also mentioned at the Crawford site?

The time period of 26,000 years mentioned at the Crawford site is very close to the estimated time it takes for the Earth to complete what is known as the precession of the equinoxes - not the rotation of the galactic nucleus.

"On a longer scale of time, there is the astronomical phenomenon known as the 'precession'. It is a very slow wobble of the axis of the earth and its effect for earth-bound observers is to cause an equally slow cyclical slippage of the belt of the zodiac against the rising point of the sun. The result, in any particular epoch, is that the four key constellations will only mark the equinoxes and the solstices temporarily. This precessional slippage, which operates at the rate of one degree every 72 years, means that each constellation houses the sun at each point for an average of 2160 years. All twelve of the constellations therefore cycle past all of the four key points of the year in a total of just under 25,920 years."
Graham Hancock, Heavens Mirror - Quest for the Lost Civilization, Pg. 30

What about the reference to the "Photon Belt" made at Crawford? It too is a ruse, a red herring, and an idea/concept that is based more on metaphysics than it is on astrophysics, and quite possibly the result of a misguided prank initially undertaken by a university student looking for a few laughs.

"It is a sad reflection of the scientific education of our society that so many people can be taken in by a story that probably started life as a university student's prank."

While the story of the "Photon Belt" may have started off as some sort of a university prank, by a student who later went on to become a "physicist at a well-known nuclear facility," the continuing saga of a Planet X type cometary body wrecking havoc and destruction on Earth, and other parts of our solar system is not the cruel joke of a prankster, or something to look at as a laughing matter, even though the naysayers and debunkers are attempting to turn the Planet X issue into exactly that.

The Crawford Internet site is not the only place on the Internet with extremely manipulated and misleading information on it's pages. There are numerous sites on the Internet at this time, which have been put up by the naysayers and debunkers of the cataclysmic sciences and the history associated with that science, for the sole purpose of trying to turn science and history into something to laugh about, rather than to take seriously.

My suspicions is that although the "Photon Belt" issue may have originally started out as a cruel university prank in the early 1990's, the "Photon Belt" joke was quickly and eagerly scooped-up by the powers-that-be (PTB), and then carefully adopted, crafted and rewritten by the PTB, to be used as yet another anti-Planet X tool - something that the PTB could utilize in their continued attempts to convince the populace that the Planet X issue is as much of a joke as the "Photon Belt" issue.

The Planet X scenario and resulting cosmic cataclysms are nothing to be laughing about, or taking lightly, as we will find out.

As for the misinformation and disinformation being circulated by the naysayers and debunkers in regards to the serious issues surrounding cosmic catastrophism and Planet X, take into serious consideration these remaks made by Dr. Greer:

"A former high official at the NSA (National Security Agency) told me about a protocol informally dubbed DDT - that old poisonous chemical long-banned in much of the world. In this application, it stands for Decoy, Distract and Trash - which is what sophisticated intelligence operatives use to set up some person or group, take them off the trail of something real and important, and trash the person or the subject."
Steven M. Greer M.D., Director, The Disclosure Project, DDT - (Decoy, Distract and Trash)

For the truth and facts about Planet X and cosmic catastrophism, and the information the naysayers and debunkers do not want the public to know about those topics, then please, keep on reading.

Planet X Type Cometary Bodies Are Real
In July 1994, scientists and others on Earth watched in startled disbelief as 21 fragments from the once massive Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 [1] [estimated to have been 10-20 Km in diameter before it broke apart] slammed into Jupiter, creating massive explosions and gigantic scars on the surface of Jupiter.

"The impact ring created on Jupiter's surface by fragment G was an equally turbulent feature. It expanded outward at the rate of 4 kilometers per second and soon reached a diameter of 33,000 kilometers -- just 7,000 kilometers less than the equatorial circumference of Earth. Within another hour it had grown into a spot so big that it could have swallowed Earth, and so bright that it outshone Jupiter's own radiance and temporarily "blinded" telescopes."
The Mars Mystery, 1998, Graham Hancock, Pg. 198

When Gene Shoemaker was asked about Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 breaking apart and slamming into Jupiter, Shoemaker simply replied: "Comets really do hit planets!"

There is something else of great scientific significance about Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 breaking apart and striking Jupiter, although it's scientific significance has been largely downplayed by the powers-that-be and the mainstream scientific community, and that is: "Comets ARE NOT dirty snowballs!" Stop, think, and reason this out at a very basic level of logic for a moment if you will: "When is the last time you heard of something made of ice and snow, even if it is highly compressed and solidified water, creating an explosion and blast area that is larger than the planet Earth?" It should be fairly easy for even the least educated in science to understand and comprehend the simple fact that an object made out of ice and snow does not have the explosive power, or the ability to create the type of damage that scientists and others witnessed, when Jupiter encountered the multiple fragments of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9. Only a body with a very dense and hard nuclei, similar to the composition of nickel-iron, is capable of the explosive power and damage that was created by Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9.

Unfortunately for the powers-that-be and those in alignment with them, there is more than enough evidence, written and physical, supporting the existence, past and present, of large & giant Planet X type cometary bodies entering into our solar system and causing damage to the numerous planetary bodies within our solar system. Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 is an excellent and recent example of this science fact and reality. More examples: Earth's own moon is pockmarked with the evidence of past hits of cometary fragments, from large to small, and Earth also bears many hit marks of its own. Planet X type cometary bodies are real, as are the numerous fragments and other debris that is associated with them.

"Recent astronomical data are employed to make a detailed analysis of periodic terrestrial bombardment by molecular cloud debris during revolution around the Galaxy. Passage through the Gould Belt 3-6 Myr ago would have resulted in glaciation, geomagnetic reversals, and extinction events, all of which have left evidence. The break up of large comets in the solar system after passage through the Belt would produce a large dust and meteor input to the atmosphere, causing a rise of up to 1 percent of C-14 in the atmosphere. The level would be sufficiently high to affect a full climatic cycle. Some glaciation could also occur, and the last Ice Age could have been caused by the progenitor of comet Encke, part of which was the Tunguska meteorite, an interstellar object. It is estimated that further debris from the zodiacal cloud will intersect earth during the period 2000-2400 AD."
Victor Clube, William Napier, The microstructure of terrestrial catastrophism, Journal: Royal Astronomical Society, Monthly Notices (ISSN 0035-8711), vol. 211, Dec. 15, 1984, p. 953-968. [2]

That last sentence in the above statement by Clube and Napier, is one of the bullets in the smoking gun, as to why the PTB are attempting to kill the Planet X scenario, and any talk of it. If the PTB can thoroughly beat back and turn the current Planet X scenario into a lie, a fantasy, something to joke about, then the PTB have it within their power to persuade and convince the masses of people that there is nothing at all to worry about in regards to cosmic catastrophism, when in reality, there is a lot to be worrying about. If this was not an issue [finding a way to thoroughly and effectively discredit any and all PX type objects], which is part of the bigger agenda of the PTB, then hard evidence like what is being presented here, should have been made MORE freely and openly available to the media, and to the general public a long time ago. The dates of the abstracts confirm how long this material has been freely available for public view, yet I had to do an enormous amount of research, including digging through mounds and mounds of paperwork to find the evidence, yet, I was able to find and secure the information.

What a great deal of intelligent researchers have come to thoroughly realize, from the calculations and research of Clube, Napier and others like them, is that Earth has entered into a four-hundred year time span, in which Earth will be prone to having a visit by one, and possibly more Planet X type cometary bodies and the great deal of cosmic debris that is associated with those cometary bodies.

Great cataclysms and natural disasters, on a local as well as worldwide and massive scale, has happened to Earth on more than one occasion because of the close passage to Earth of a giant cometary body, and/or the cosmic debris from such a comet striking Earth. [3]

"The structure of the Taurid meteoroid complex is investigated using orbital element measurements from the IAU Meteor Data Center. The complex is found to have been formed during the last about 10 kyr, this time-scale corresponding to a probable late stage in the evolution of the parent object, a giant comet which was apparently captured into a small-perihelion, short-period orbit about 20 kyr ago and which, in an initial highly active phase, gave rise to the material that now broadly constitutes the zodiacal cloud. Models of the evolution of the complex under gravitational perturbations suggest that meteoroids must have originally left the parent object near perihelion, but also allow the possibility that fragmentations have occurred when large disintegration products collided with objects in the asteroid belt. Such a model may be entertained, for example, if the core of the evolved giant comet has previously undergone devolatilization, producing a high degree of fragility in the constituent debris."
Duncan Steel, David Asher, Victor Clube, The structure and evolution of the Taurid complex, Royal Astronomical Society, Monthly Notices (ISSN 0035-8711), vol. 251, Aug. 15, 1991, p. 632-648. Research supported by SERC and Australian Research Council. [4]

That scientific description, authored by some of the most respected names in the field of mainstream astrophysics, is a fairly good description of the PX type cometary object described in many ancient texts, and very similar to the description of the object that wrecked havoc on the Earth during the time of Moses and the Exodus. In addition, it fits the description of what a comet would do in regards to the comet's deteriorating [decaying] orbit, i.e., the shortening time span of the comet in regards to how long it would take for the comet described in the abstract to complete a full orbit. [5]

In the book, Mars Mystery, Graham Hancock, using sound and cited scientific evidence as his guide, goes into lengthy detail in easy to read layman's terms, about the vast number of large comet like bodies that could plunge into the inner reaches of our solar system at any time. Among this vast number of large comet's, are comets that do not outgas [Hint: Comets do not outgas because they are not dirty balls of ice], and are so dark and so dense, that these Planet X type cometary bodies might not be seen or discovered approaching Earth, until it is too late to effectively warn the general public of the extreme and imminent danger the public is in.

David Morrison of NASA's Ames Research Center, Comets and Origin, P.254:
"It is possible for a comet to 'sneak up' on Earth, escaping detection until it is only a few weeks from impact. A perpetual survey is required to detect long-period comets, and even with such a survey we cannot be sure of success."

Mars Mystery goes on to describe the fact, similar to the information stated in the cited abstract(s) presented above, that Earth has entered into a time, and into a part of our galaxy, where we will have an imminent encounter with one, or possibly more than one comet over 100 Km in diameter, and that some of these comets will have a profound effect on Earth, possibly a cataclysmic effect. Clube and Napier confirm that line of scientific thinking and reasoning, when they wrote: "It is estimated that further debris from the zodiacal cloud will intersect earth during the period 2000-2400 AD."

Like the gigantic Hale-Bopp [6], and other recent long-period comets that we have seen and/or discovered recently, Earth is currently entering into a part of the galaxy where other long-period comets "...could theoretically appear out of the night sky at any time - without any warning." Another likely certainty about this scenario is that some of the Planet X type cometary bodies that Earth could have a close encounter with at any possible time and without any real warning, for the next four-hundred years, will likely be as massive, or even possibly larger than the giant comet Hale-Bopp was.

"The Sun's position at the inner edge of the Orion spiral arm ensures that we are currently in the active phase. Further, the solar system has just passed through the plane of the galaxy where the tidal stresses acting on the comet cloud [Oort cloud] are at their maximum; the comet flux is therefore near a strong peak of its galactic cycle. It has also recently passed through Gould's belt and is therefore undergoing an exceptional tidal stress due to a recent passage through an old, disintegrating molecular cloud [GMC's - gigantic molecular clouds]... The conditions which would yield an exceptional flux of comets on to Earth -- positioning near the galactic plane, proximity to a spiral arm, and recent passage through a system of molecular clouds -- are all simultaneously met by the solar system at the present time."
Victor Clube and William Napier, Cosmic Serpent, Pg. 215, 216

Now we know more of the story and the reasoning behind why the powers-that-be are attempting to squash the Planet X scenario and information that a great deal of legitimate and knowledgeable researchers, and alternative media outlets are attempting to make available to the general public. It is because the scenario of Earth having a close encounter with a Planet X type cometary body is a very real and distinct possibility, and a reality that is becoming increasingly imminent. It is no longer a matter "if" the encounter will happen, but when Earth and the inner solar system will once again have an encounter with one of these large, or "giant" Planet X type cometary bodies.

Current scientific indicators, calculations, and other evidence being put together by McCanney, this author, and several others, is pointing to this close encounter with a Planet X type cometary body and the cosmic debris associated with it, being an event that is going to happen much sooner than most people are keenly aware of - let alone prepared for.

Notes and Reference Material

[1] Comet Shoemaker-Levy Collision with Jupiter http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/sl9/

[2] Title: The microstructure of terrestrial catastrophism
Authors: CLUBE, S. V. M.; NAPIER, W. M.
Affiliation: AA(Oxford University, Oxford, England) AB(Royal Observatory, Edinburgh, Scotland)
Journal: Royal Astronomical Society, Monthly Notices (ISSN 0035-8711), vol. 211, Dec. 15, 1984, p. 953-968. (Journal Homepage)
Publication Date: 12/1984
Category: Astrophysics
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Bibliographic Code: 1984MNRAS.211..953C

Recent astronomical data are employed to make a detailed analysis of periodic terrestrial bombardment by molecular cloud debris during revolution around the Galaxy. Passage through the Gould Belt 3-6 Myr ago would have resulted in glaciation, geomagnetic reversals, and extinction events, all of which have left evidence. The break up of large comets in the solar system after passage through the Belt would produce a large dust and meteor input to the atmosphere, causing a rise of up to 1 percent of C-14 in the atmosphere. The level would be sufficiently high to affect a full climatic cycle. Some glaciation could also occur, and the last Ice Age could have been caused by the progenitor of comet Encke, part of which was the Tunguska meteorite, an interstellar object. It is estimated that further debris from the zodiacal cloud will intersect earth during the period 2000-2400 AD.

[3] James M. McCanney M.S., discusses "worldwide catastrophes" and their direct association with cometary bodies in his scientific paper, "The Nature and Origin of Comets and the Evolution of Celestial Bodies (Part II)," which was originally published in KRONOS IX:1, Fall 1983, pp. 17-39, under the References and Notes section of that paper:
"#7. The scientific papers and popularized book by S.V.M. Clube and W.M. Napier [Nature, 282 (29 November, 1979), p.455: Q.JI. Astr. Soc. (1982), 23, PP.45-66; and The Cosmic Serpent (London and New York, 1982] deserve comment in light of the present paper. Their statement to the astronomical community that Velikovsky was at least "close to correct" and that comets (and in particular a body named Venus) did play important roles in early civilizations is long overdue. They also recognize the "irrational" behavior with which "scientists confronted Velikovsky," and the overwhelming data pointing towards worldwide catastrophism caused by comets.

I maintain, however, that Clube and Napier's findings support the present paper more precisely than their own theory of terrestrial catastrophism. Both papers agree that comets are of interstellar origin, and that the primordial Oort cloud concept does not explain the observed comet flux in the solar system. They support the ice ball comet model, however, and modify the original Oort cloud concept to say that it is periodically replenished. This paper claims an entirely new concept for cometary phenomena and infers that comet nuclei are asteroidal bodies (not ice balls) that arrive at our solar system in closely packed groups from past novas of neighboring stars (also, occasionally, comet nuclei may reach planetary dimensions).

We agree that the data clearly show that new comets arrive sporadically, but there are underlying differences. Clube and Napier say that a period of approximately 50 million years is evident and caused by our solar system passing through galactic arms (their second article departs from the density wave model of galactic formation and suggests that other models need further consideration). Table 4 (page 458) of their Nature article lists the following ages of worldwide catastrophic events corresponding to mass extinctions (ages given in millions of years) = 1, 13, 25, 35, 58, 63, 135, 181, 230, 280, 345, and 405. Note that by taking the difference between successive events, a regular period of 50 million years is not obtained, but it suggests a random distribution (differences in millions of years) = 12, 12, 11, 22, 5, 72, 46, 49, 50, 65, 60. Only 3 of the 11 epochs are close to their 50 million year period. The present paper says that such events are governed strictly by chance. Their data bears this out dramatically.

Their work and this paper agree that short period comet orbits cannot be distinguished from orbits of the asteroid belt and Apollo (near Earth) asteroids. We both claim (although by different mechanisms) that comets are evolving into these asteroids. This paper goes on to claim that comets can also evolve into planets and moons (the Velikovsky connection).

Both papers agree that comets have been the cause of worldwide catastrophes and change. Clube and Napier depend on direct collisions only, whereas this paper allows that a few comet nuclei can become very large, and that close encounters can also cause major damage to Earth by gravitational effects and the electrical discharge effects (in support of Velikovsky).

[By 1991 Victor Clube, Duncan Steel, David Asher, and other's in the scientific community were admitting to the fact that comets could be gigantic in size. -Sherwood]

Finally, Clube and Napier do not support a priori the nebular collapse theory of OSS (p.59 of Astr. Soc. article) as do most astronomers. We both agree that, today, at least one comet poses a potential threat to Earth and that history will repeat itself as surely as there are stars in the sky.

The solar system is a dynamic place and it's true history is becoming clear. When Athens' great statesman Solon visited Egypt in 572 B.C. to inquire about their knowledge of the flood, the Egyptian historians told him of the Great Deluge, the destruction of Atlantis, and five different catastrophes which had plagued their development in the previous 10,000 years. There is scientific basis now for believing that statement."

McCanney further discusses, and present's more evidence in support of a "great worldwide cataclysm" to befall Earth:

"When the land mass that is now called the United States of America was first explored in the 1800's, every naturalist that passed through this new land talked of the evidence... the entire land had been ravaged by a Great Flood. Alaska was no exception. This led scholars such as Ignatious Donnelly (then Lieutenant Governor of the territory of Minnesota) to write his book "Atlantis the Antediluvian World." Raised in the coal fields of Pennsylvania, Donnelly was keenly aware of the geophysical evidence that Earth had seen many radical changes that shaped its morphology.

It has been noted by many, that in the quest to tame this rugged land, man had destroyed most if not all of the remnants of the Great Flood by the year 1900. So today it is easy for some to ignore the words of those forefathers who saw the massive destruction with their own eyes, and to claim now that the Great Flood and these remnants never existed, or to minimize it as some smaller localized event.

[Living in the northern part of New Mexico-USA, at an elevation over 6,000 feet, and having extensively explored the area, I have seen firsthand some of the remnants of the Great Flood and massive uplifts of land that has not been destroyed by man. An interesting note about the condition of the land: The process of erosion and upheaval of the land that I have witnessed, does not indicate that the erosion and upheaval of the land is millions or billions of years old as some suggest, the erosion appear's to be only thousands of years old - no more than 20,000 years at best. Sherwood]

When Aristotle's uncle Solon traveled to Egypt, his intention was to research for the young Greek nation the history of the human race. Still in existence were the ancient priest cults who explained to him that there was a great worldwide cataclysm [emphasis added] that devastated the entire Earth. They told of a massive war that was ongoing between the pre-catastrophe Greek ancestors and a powerful technologically advanced nation called Atlantis, whose population spanned the globe. They stated that the Greeks were beginning to actually win in this war when the catastrophe hit all of Earth and the mighty nation of Atlantis sunk under the ocean in a single night. It was clearly more than just a localized flood or a few days of heavy rain. The entire Earth was shaken to its knees.

[The description offered by McCanney of what happened to Atlantis fits with this description offered by Plato: "For at that time the Atlantic sea was navigable, and had an island before that mouth which is called by you the pillars of Hercules. But this island was greater than both Libya and all Asia together, and afforded an easy passage to other neighbouring islands, as it was easy to pass from those islands to all the Continent which borders on this Atlantic sea. * * * But, in succeeding times, prodigious earthquakes and deluges taking place, and bringing with them desolation in the space of one day and night, all that warlike race of Athenians was at once merged under the earth; and the Atlantic island itself being absorbed in the sea, entirely disappeared." - Plato's Timoeus. Sherwood]

They additionally noted that the survivors that generated the new Greek nation were but simple sheep herders who survived the devastation and Great Flood, living in caves in the mountains of what we now call Greece. The Egyptian priest cults explained that their records went back 10,000 years and that every time their society got up and running, they were crushed anew by one of these major events. These were not an average pestilence or famine, but a worldwide devastation that sent them back to the cave ages."
Planet X Comets and Earth Changes, James M. McCanney M.S., 2002

[For those who may still have some doubt's about the massive Earth Changes that have taken place before, and that these changes have been sudden and lasted for years, here is even more evidence that these changes have indeed taken place - Sherwood]

"The story starts with the description of a decades long collaborative effort by many scientists to develop a worldwide record of climate modulated, annual tree growth as recorded in tree growth rings (dendrochronology). That effort has produced a reliable timeline from the present back to several thousand years BC. The author then notes five unusual patterns in these records, separated by hundreds of years, which point to multi-year events with extreme weather conditions. The patterns are radically reduced tree growth rings and obvious frost damage to sapwood, the layer of wood growing each spring directly under the tree bark. These patterns imply weather conditions that might lead to local or worldwide catastrophes, including crop failures, famine and flooding. This sets up the principal theme in Exodus to Arthur, as the author presents his own efforts to find a single explanation for all of these events. Professor Baillie uses as evidence historical records left by - among others - the authors of the Old Testament; Anglo-Saxon, Irish, Roman, Greek, Chinese and Mayan writers and story-tellers; archeological evidence including boats and trees recovered from Irish bogs; well preserved building timbers from long abandoned Anasazi pueblos in Utah; and other scientific techniques such as radiocarbon dating.

The five harshest environmental events showing in the dendrochronology records are events at 2354-2345 BC, 1628-1623 BC, 1159-1141 BC, 208-204 BC, and 536-545 AD. In terms of climate, these time periods appear similar in that the growth ring evidence implies colder than usual temperatures and unusual rainfall patterns."
A Review of Exodus to Arthur; Catastrophic Encounters with Comets
by Mike Baillie

"If then, there really were at one time simultaneous catastrophes of fire and flood, then - if we wish to exclude chance from playing a role - we must look for a common cause of the two phenomena. Now, it has already been shown that the fire of Phaëthon resulted from the appearance of a meteor: therefore the Great Flood must be traced back to this same event. But is this possible? Without question! In doing so, it is necessary to a proper evaluation of our answer that one should first make oneself acquainted with a few scientific facts."

"Besides these local catastrophes, antiquity knows yet another fire and a flood of universal extent, but not on the basis of historical or legendary tradition, rather based on cosmological speculation. According to this, the world is destroyed periodically, by fire and water alternately, to be recreated complete on each occasion. This was in particular the teaching of the Stoa, which however follows Democritus in respect of the means of the destruction of the earth (cf. Alleg. hom. Chap. 25). The whole is based on the "mutability of the elements." Just as the world arose from the Primeval Fire, earth and water in turn change completely to fire. . . . A particularly graphic picture of the ekpyrô'sis is drawn by Seneca at the end of his consolatio ad Marciam: "And when the time is come when the world destroys itself to be renewed, then these (Earth, seas and all life) will destroy themselves by their own strengths (viribus ista se suis caedent), stars will fall upon stars (sidera sideribus incurrent), and when all material things are in flames, everything which now shines according to a planned distribution will rise up into a single fire (uno igne ardebit)."

Even more vivid is Seneca's picture of the flood (Nat. quaest, III, 27ff.), which grows to a monstrous sea which rises above even the highest mountains and to whose growth there is no limit (solutus legibus sine modo fertur) (16). Fire and flood, according to Seneca, have the same cause: "Each occurs when God finds it good that something better should start, and the old come to an end. Water and fire dominate earthly things: from these their beginning, through these their end." And this general philosophical-theological reasoning is not yet enough for him: he turns also to the sciences of that time. Of the information that has been preserved he is attracted among others by the explanation given by the Babylonian priest Berosus, who considered both great events to be decided by the courses of the stars. The universal fire comes about when all the stars, which now travel different paths (17), come together in one and the same point in Cancer, and the flood when they meet in Capricorn. Both constellations contain the solstice points, and this circumstance has a great significance for the given conjunctions. Agreement about this is found in Censorinus' statement (De die Natali 18, 11) about the Great Year (18)."

In the Ermitage Papyrus in Leningrad (previously mentioned) there are lamentations about a terrible catastrophe, when heaven and earth turned upside down ("I show thee the land upside down: it happed that which never had happened'). After this catastrophe, darkness covered the earth: 'The is veiled and shines not in the sight of men. None can live when the sun is veiled by clouds. ..None knoweth that midday is there; the shadow is not discerned .. Not dazzled is the sight when he [the sun] is beheld; he is in the sky like the moon.'" [ Worlds in Collision, p.140 ]

Reference the Tunguska explosion:
"Kulik's find revealed that colliding space debris could do a great deal of damage yet leave little long-term detectable evidence to indicate that an impact had occurred. Some implications of this fact were recognized by a few investigators almost immediately. Astronomer C.P. Olivier, writing of Kulik's discovery for Scientific American, stated in the July 1928 issue:

In looking over this account, one has to admit that many accounts of events in old chronicles that have been laughed at as fabrications are far less miraculous than this one, of which we seem to have undoubted confirmation. Fortunately for humanity, this meteoric fall happened in a region where there were no inhabitants precisely in the affected area, but if such a thing could happen in Siberia there is no known reason why the same could not happen in the United States."
Comet Phaethon's Ride
by Bob Kobres ~ 1993

"According to astronomers such as Dr. Victor Clube, of Oxford University's Department of Astrophysics, the coming and goings of the Taurid stream should be a source of concern to politicians, planners and anyone who cherishes life on Earth.

A ''catastrophist'', Dr. Clube is one of many astronomers who are convinced that within this celestial procession lie the seeds of mass destruction an Armageddon of biblical proportions. ''The matter requires urgent attention. It is crucial that everyone is woken up to the danger,'' Dr. Clube says.

The chilling scenario envisaged is of Earth and one of the 46,000 mph objects in the Taurid stream colliding during one of the orbital crossings."

"There is sufficient evidence, he [Clube] says, to indicate that collisions happen within centuries and millenniums rather than millions and billions of years, with multiple encounters more likely than skeptics claim."

"It is vital to overcome complacency about the threat from cosmic debris, he says. This complacency is relatively new, as pagan and ancient civilizations such as the Babylonians were firm believers in the threat of of cosmic destruction. Part of the blame for this complacency rests with the breakup, in 1845, of Comet Biela without any easily visible effect on Earth.

''This rather relaxed attitude to comets, which has persisted to the present day, helped turn 19th century opinion against a prevailing catastrophist view of evolution,'' Dr. Clube says."

"In 1983, a satellite revealed what appeared to be dust following Comet Encke, but some scientists, including Dr. Clube, now believe that this contains the single large missing body, perhaps as large as 20 miles wide, shrouded in dust and boulders."
A cosmic trail with destruction in its wake
by Nick Nuttall

[4] Title: The structure and evolution of the Taurid complex
Authors: STEEL, D. I.; ASHER, D. J.; CLUBE, S. V. M.
Affiliation: AA(Oxford, University, England; Adelaide, University, Australia) AC(Oxford, University, England)
Journal: Royal Astronomical Society, Monthly Notices (ISSN 0035-8711), vol. 251, Aug. 15, 1991, p. 632-648. Research supported by SERC and Australian Research Council. (Journal Homepage)
Publication Date: 08/1991
Category: Astrophysics
Origin: STI
NASA/STI Keywords:
Bibliographic Code: 1991MNRAS.251..632S

The structure of the Taurid meteoroid complex is investigated using orbital element measurements from the IAU Meteor Data Center. The complex is found to have been formed during the last about 10 kyr, this time-scale corresponding to a probable late stage in the evolution of the parent object, a giant comet which was apparently captured into a small-perihelion, short-period orbit about 20 kyr ago and which, in an initial highly active phase, gave rise to the material that now broadly constitutes the zodiacal cloud. Models of the evolution of the complex under gravitational perturbations suggest that meteoroids must have originally left the parent object near perihelion, but also allow the possibility that fragmentations have occurred when large disintegration products collided with objects in the asteroid belt. Such a model may be entertained, for example, if the core of the evolved giant comet has previously undergone devolatilization, producing a high degree of fragility in the constituent debris.

". . . and from heaven a great star shall fall on the dread ocean and burn up the deep sea, with Babylon itself and the land of Italy, by reason of which many of the Hebrews perished,

. . . Be afraid, ye Indians and high-hearted Ethiopians: for when the fiery wheel of the ecliptic(?) . . . and Capricorn . . . and Taurus among the Twins encircles the mid-heaven, when the Virgin ascending and the Sun fastening the girdle round his forehead dominates the whole firmament; there shall be a great conflagration from the sky, falling on the earth;

Are these lines from Book V of the SIBYLLINE ORACLES eschatological nonsense? Contemporary astronomical evidence suggests a historic basis for words describing cosmic calamity. British astronomers, Victor Clube and Bill Napier, in THE COSMIC WINTER (1990) and other recent works, provide students of the past with newly discovered celestial clues which indicate that Earth has been periodically pelleted with comet fragments throughout the Holocene period. The evidence for the break-up of a large (> 50 km), short period (approximately 3.3 years), Earth-orbit-crossing comet is substantial and should be considered as hard as anything a trowel might turn up. What astronomical information cannot convey is the actual effect these periodic bombardment episodes had on human culture; only further digging and sifting will illuminate that aspect."

"What is remarkable about these particular tales is the conjunction of several pieces of information. From these lines we gather that a comet ([CH]OLBON with a tail) came close enough to influence weather on Earth--i.e. deadly storms, frost and deep snow in summer. Also, we are told that this is most likely to occur if the comet appears close to the Pleiades. In short, these legends accurately describe what can now be inferred from astronomical data on comet Encke and the ring of debris its progenitor strew about the Sun.

As the above example suggests, contemporary researchers need to be wary of assuming our predecessors' folk memories of astral events relate to bodies familiar to our time. There is considerable reason to suspect that the majority of the planets namesakes were comets--probably of the Encke family."

"Our less than seven hour separation from a collision with a near-Earth asteroid (1989FC) in March of 1989 underscores the fact that contemporary civilization could be thrown into a dark age by natural catastrophe. Had 1989FC encountered Earth it would have introduced the energy equivalent of more than 2,000 megatons TNT into the environment, with little or no warning. The object was discovered on photographs days after the close pass. In 1937 an even larger object, Hermes, came almost equally near Earth. Neither of these asteroids is likely to be related to the break-up of the recent large comet referred to above. The estimated population of Earth-orbit-crossing objects greater than half a kilometer in diameter is over 2,000 and its members are from various sources. Obviously our planet gets hit fairly often. What the recent large comet did was increase the likelihood of collision and establish a visible cause/effect relationship in the minds of our ancestors.

The association of disaster (etymologically, dis - evil; aster - star) with comets eventually became generalized beyond direct causal links, giving science oriented investigators reason to classify this ubiquitous notion as mere superstition. Scientific efforts to understand the past were thus rendered purblind to a highly influential natural phenomenon."

Comets and the Bronze Age Collapse
by Bob Kobres

Could a similar airburst over the earth cause significant climatic excursions? Let us examine a degassed comet 0.2 km diameter, density 1, mass 4.2 million tons, impacting at 15 km/sec; such an object should hit about once every 1400 years (Solar system collisions) and release an energy of 88 megatons TNT of energy. Assuming 75% of the object to be dust (the other being ice), the explosion would blow 3 million tons carbon, silicon, magnesium and sulfur and other stuff more than 1,000 km above the earth (Boslough and Crawford 1997) Entrained with the explosion will be 1 million tons of ice from the comet and millions of tons of water vapor from the atmosphere. Most of the dust will be ground to about 0.1 micrometers; some dust will be oxidized to silicates and MgO by atmospheric oxygen. 5-10 million tons of material will be injected high into the stratosphere and cover most of the globe within a week. This amount is of course several orders of magnitude lower than the dust and sulfate injections which can cause volcanic winters. The difference is in the location. Most stuff from the volcanoes will not reach the stratosphere, while most stuff from the asteroid and the entrained material will reach 50 or 100 km altitude. The amount corresponds to 10-20 mg of smoke per square meter. It will take several years before most of the particles have reached ground level.The dust particles will act as nucleation centers for ice formation causing much additional haze in the stratosphere. The result is a much increased earth albedo causing earth surface cooling over several years. Perhaps enough to cause significant climate effects with reduced yields in agriculture?

From Kjeld Engvild, Risoe National Laboratory

Comet 1995 O1 (Hale-Bopp)
* Information
Latest news (March 6, 2001)
An image was obtained on February 27 - March 2, 2001 with the Wide-Field Imager (WFI) at the ESO La Silla Observatory, cf. ESO PR Photos 07a-b/01. It shows that Comet Hale-Bopp is still active at a distance of about 2,000 million km from the Sun. It is also a very large object, measuring at least 2 million km across.

Other related sites and reference material:
Solar System Collisions
Send an asteroid or comet hurtling toward your favorite planet!

Proceedings of the Planetary Defense Workshop
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Livermore, California
May 22-26, 1995

Plato's Timeaus 21e--23b

Authors: STOHL, J.
Journal: ASTRONOMY AND ASTROPHYSICS V.187, NO. 1+2/NOV, P. 933, 1987 (Journal Homepage)
Publication Date: 11/1987
Bibliographic Code: 1987A&A...187..933S

The contributions of P/Halley and other comets to the meteor streams are discussed. Particular attention is given to the meteoric production by P/Encke as the potential major contributor to the meteoric complex in the inner part of the solar system. The density and total mass of the meteoric stream associated with P/Encke is derived, taking into account the whole complex both of the showers and of the very broad and diffuse stream of seemingly sporadic meteoroids, produced by P/Encke in its long history via its showers.

Key words: P/Encke's stream - meteoric production by comets - meteoric influx


Title: IRAS observations of extended zodiacal structures
Authors: SYKES, MARK V.
Affiliation: AA(Steward Observatory, Tucson, AZ)
Journal: Astrophysical Journal, Part 2 - Letters (ISSN 0004-637X), vol. 334, Nov. 1, 1988, p. L55-L58. Research supported by NASA IRAS General Investigator Program and USAF. (ApJ Homepage)
Publication Date: 11/1988
Category: Astronomy
Origin: STI
NASA/STI Keywords:
Bibliographic Code: 1988ApJ...334L..55S

In 1983, the Infrared Astronomical Satellite discovered two pairs of dust bands, straddling the ecliptic plane and located in the asteroid belt. New analysis of the IRAS data has resulted in the detection of as many as eight additional bands, spread over more than 40 deg of ecliptic latitude. Dust band morphology is found to vary between different band pairs, having a typical apparent width of a few degrees. This limits the total number of bands which can be distinguished to near the number observed. The Tempel 2 and Encke dust trails are observed to extend over much more of their orbits than had been previously reported, and a new type of dust trail is found which has a relatively large angular width and no imbedded cometary source. [In other words, they haven't been able to find the very large comet that is leaving the trail behind it, or they have found it and are not telling the scientific community at large about the discovery. If you'll notice, the author of the paper works directly for NASA - SE]

Comet Phaethon's Ride
by Bob Kobres ~ 1993

James M. McCanney M.S.



A Recent Email exchange about the Earth Changes Underway At This Time

!!ALERT!! The geomagnetic k indices are frightening

Tuatha sent me this !!Alert!! he found on one of the message boards 3 days ago. I sent it to James McCanney and simply asked him if it were true. He said yes. His response is at the bottom.

Mark H


From: "Tuatha" <tuatha@xxxxxxx.com>
To: "Mark H" <planetx2003@xxxxxxxxx.com>
Subject: !!ALERT!!
Date: Tue, 5 Nov 2002 22:19:15 -0700

One of the group who is 100% with us sent this to me a short time ago - it was posted at one of the message boards. Thought that I would pass it on to you and if you think it is worth mentioning to McCanney, please pass it on.



The geomagnetic k indices are frightening the way they remain the same intensity for so long, very unusual. This means that the Earth's
magnetic "envelope" protecting it from solar and cosmic radiation is weakening due to constant stress from continual solar bombardments.

I´m not an astrophysicist, but I don't think it takes one to make this observation. Also, the BASELINE radiation output(gamma range) is WAY up out of normal ranges. Add this to the apparent increase in intensity of the Sun noted by almost all observers, I think we can confirm there is a problem, and they have no intention of alerting us. Every day in this current environment is rapidly aging our bodies if my understanding of human physiology is correct. We are being microwaved, x rayed and otherwise having our atoms bombarded by protons and high energy electromagnetic radiation. Try your Geiger counter if you have one,check for background radiation and then point the probe towards sol and listen to it .Believe me when I tell you the earthquakes are the direct result of the above mentioned phenomenon.


----- Original Message -----
From: "Mark H" <planetx2003@xxxxxxxx.com>
To: "Jim McCanney" <>
Sent: Sunday, December 08, 2002 11:47 AM
Subject: Fwd: !!ALERT!! The geomagnetic k indices are frightening

Is this true?

From: "James M. McCanney"
To: "Mark H" <planetx2003@xxxxxxxxx.com>
Subject: Re:!!ALERT!! The geomagnetic k indices are frightening
Date: Sun, 8 Dec 2002 19:24:59 -0600

mark / just happened to be on line / yes this is true and i have been saying this for months on the shows i have been on when referring to the activity of the sun and is one of the Earth Changes described in my book / this is another reason for getting under some serious mass like in a cave or other cement shelter and why we both are telling people THEY NEED TO START PREPARING NOW / people should listen to my 12 month pre planet x scenario on the global wings night session video/ so do not listen to the gov. disinformation fronts that state and imply that you can keep on living normally up to the day before the "passage" / in the late 90's there was a serious solar flare that directly hit earth and russia was pointing towards the sun at the time / the earth's magnetic field went to zero literally (this is also proof of my theory that the majority of the earth's mag field is in the form of electrical currents in the ionosphere and beyond ... and why the incorrect nasa/lieder statement that Planet X will cause a global pole shift due to magnetic effects is patently wrong ... if there is a pole shift it will be caused by gravity waves) / after this massive solar flare in the 90's russia initiated a study to track the cancer rates / i know directly about this as i was still able to communicate with my russian contacts then (before our gov pulled the plug on our communication) / i believe my book refers to the mag field stuff also and certainly i talk about this in my 1980's papers in the back of the book in the section (the 3- part comet paper) when i talk about biological evolution and the alteration of the radiation due to change in the mag field as this is a major contributor of genetic alteration during times of stress on the earth and its inhabitants ... it is the cause mutations ... the successful ones will win out and the unsuccessful ones will die off / so stress is natures way of making those changes at these times to cause the severe and sudden genetic alterations we see at mass extinctions / that also is a good argument for the mass extinctions NOT being caused by colliding asteroids as they DO NOT explain the total picture of what happens to earth and its inhabitants and further DOES NOT explain the mag field alterations (the nasa boys can say all they want but a colliding asteroid does not alter the earth's mag field like a passing large plasma discharging comet as in my comet model) / but NASA and the gov. supported scientists all have their little story and never mind that it does not explain the data !!! / feel free to post this in response to tuatha's request /

PS part 3 of my 1979 comet paper which is in appendix 2 of my book has an extensive write up on the magnetic dynamo / PPS my new web page is near ready for posting along with archives and new lectures and videos / take care /
jim mccanney http://www.jmccanneyscience.com

Special Acknowledgements:
I would like to add a special note to what has been written and presented on this page. For those who have not read any of the books that Immanuel Velikovsky has written, such as Worlds in Collision and Ages in Chaos, I would highly encourage them to do so. Many of the theories that Velikovsky postulated, are proving to be correct.

In addition, for those who have not yet read the book, "Planet-X Comets and Earth Changes," by James M. McCanney M.S., I would highly encourage them to read this outstanding book. The book is a must read for those wanting an understanding of the true nature of our solar system and the universe we live in.

To have a better understanding surrounding the issue(s) of Planet X and what that subject is really about, and to get a good overview and primer of what is happening in regards to "Cosmic Catastrophism," and what has happened to past civilizations and what could very well happen to our current world civilization, I highly recommend reading the book's and material's written by Velikovsky and McCanney, and also reading the books and papers by Clube and Napier. The material presented by those bright scientific minds is critically important to having a better understanding of comets, catastrophism, and the true 'electrical' nature of the universe.

Cosmic Catastrophism is Real, Part 1


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