The Earthquake Event of November 2002 - Forerunner of the GREAT Indonesian EQ (Earthquake)
Sherwood Ensey

December 29, 2004
Updated: August 6, 2005

In November 2002, an article was published to the old Earth Changes Central Yahoo group Email format about earthquake information being swept under the rug. The article was also published at In addition to that article, another article was published about an unprecedented earthquake event that took place on November 2, 2002, just a day before the massive November 3, 2002 magnitude 7.9-8.0 Denali, Alaska earthquake.

The primary epicenter of the large scale event that shook ten's of thousands of square miles on November 2, 2002, was situated at Latitude 2.997N Longitude 96.082E - NORTHERN SUMATRA, INDONESIA.

The epicenter of the GREAT earthquake of December 26, 2004 that caused so much damage and death over a widespread area of the Indian Ocean region, was located at Latitude 3.27N Longitude 95.82E; roughly the same area as the November 2, 2002 unprecedented earthquake event that was reported on by Earth Changes Central in 2002.

The signs and indicators for a GREAT earthquake striking that region, and/or the Middle East to Balkans region, has been manifesting itself very clearly for quite a lengthy period of time. It is hard for me to believe that the "so called earthquake" and "geology" experts missed the warning signs that were manifesting itself right before the experts. Nature was giving the experts one warning sign after another, yet the experts appeared to have missed all of the signs and indicators they were being shown by nature.
[There is some strong speculation that many experts knew the GREAT earthquake event was coming, and it was going to be a sooner rather than later event, but were being forced to remain silent regarding the information and data that was in their possession.]

In my estimation and considered opinion, it appears that the mainstream experts are more interested in playing the mainstream science game of status quo, and patting each other on the back and telling each other how good they are, and having fancy dinner parties with each other, rather than looking for the common sense answers and solutions that work within the parameters being shown to them by our Earth. For the mainstream folks it is all about preserving and protecting their precious status quo and antiquated mainstream axioms, and using their hired disinformation guns to slander and put down the alternative researchers and scientists, rather than look at the real science and data that is right in front of them, and that they appear to be missing, or are being forced into silence about.
[One of the favorite tactics used by the powers-that-be backed and led disinformation crew, is to badger, and/or intimidate weak minded researchers and scientists into silence.]

What 'next' GREAT event and catastrophe starring the mainstream science folks right in the face, are they going to miss, and how many more are going to perish?


The following is part of the original article that was originally posted to the old ECC yahoo-group format, about the unprecedented EQ event in Indonesia.

Did An Unprecedented Earthquake Event Just Happen? 
Sherwood Ensey

The following earthquakes happened on November 2, 2002, ALL within a minute of each other, and occurred at a Latitude ranging from 2.997 North to 36.2 North, and a Longitude ranging from 71.5 East to 102 East, and occurred at a depth ranging from 10 Km to 33 Km. The area encompassed tens of thousands of square miles - significantly larger than the 7.9 Alaska earthquake on November 3, 2002. In fact, if according to the calculations just given to me by a close friend that lives nearby are correct, the area these earthquakes involved, covers an area equal in size to, or just a little smaller than the total land mass of China. Imagine for a moment if you will, an earthquake of that size, and the distinct possibility of an entire piece of the Earth that size shaking and moving all at once. It may very well of happened.
Data for the earthquakes involved:
[January 25, 2005 - The Hyperlinks have been de-activated due to the fact they may no longer be correct.]
Date & Time: 02Nov2002 01:27:42.3 HRS UT
Latitude & Longitude Location: 36.2N 71.5E
Depth: 10 Km
Magnitude: 5.4 to 6.6
Reporting Service: Redpuma Seismic, Switzerland
Date & Time: 02Nov2002 01:26:02.9 HRS UT
Latitude & Longitude Location: 6.7N 102.1E
Depth: 10 Km
Magnitude: 7.1
Regional Location: MALAY PENINSULA
Reporting Service: Redpuma Seismic, Switzerland
Date & Time: 2002/11/02 01:26:11.5
Latitude & Longitude Location: 2.997N 96.082E
Depth: 33 Km
Magnitude: 7.7
Reporting Service: United States Geological Service, USA
Date & Time: 2002/11/02 01:27:27.5
Latitude & Longitude Location: 35.758N 74.469E
Depth: 33 Km
Magnitude 5.3
Reporting Service: United States Geological Service, USA
This is what I originally wrote, and got blasted from Jim [aka JTRIV] for, in what appeared to be an overly critical and seemingly biased manner. The details in the following part of this report are far more important than Jim's views of me.
Here is a powerful/massive 7.1 magnitude earthquake that happened over the weekend, which I did not find on the USGS list. Guess the USGS simply overlooked it.
02Nov2002 01:26 HRS UT 7.1 MALAY PENINSULA
Location: 6.7N 102.1E
Here is a powerful 6.6 magnitude earthquake that happened over the weekend, which I did not find on the USGS list. Guess the USGS was asleep when this one happened.
Location: 36.2N 71.5E
I was merely trying to make a simple point that the earthquakes, which were widely distributed by geographic location and being reported by "Redpuma," a Swiss Seismic service, were not listed by the USGS, and at the time I wrote my brief article, I had not yet correlated and compiled the additional earthquake data [above] you see. My intent and point with my original article, was that some earthquakes were either not being reported, and/or were being under-reported by the USGS; a situation that in my estimation still exists, as is the case with the earthquake that struck the Ascension Island region - an earthquake which still remains a mystery.
Updated details on the Ascension Island earthquake:
Date & Time: 03Nov2002 22:42:31.1
Latitude & Longitude Location: 5.5S 12.0W
Depth: 10 Km
Magnitude: 6.1
Regional Location: Ascension Island Region
Reporting Service: SED, Switzerland
As you may or may not see, I was merely doing the job any responsible journalist and researcher would do, by reporting that some earthquakes were and are not being reported, or are being under-reported by the USGS.
Apparently the earthquakes I was reporting on, which were not being reported by the USGS, was because the addition of these 'other' earthquakes to the USGS site would have immediately aroused suspicion as to the EXTENSIVE size and FULL EXTENT of this massive earthquake, if indeed it was just one single earthquake event rather than several earthquake events happening at the same time. Due to the vast miles between geographic locations, Latitude and Longitudinally speaking, where the earthquakes struck, I was looking at the earthquakes as separate events, which they most certainly appeared to be at the time, again, and I must stress, because of the vastness of miles between the earthquakes.
[January 25, 2005 - I continue to stand by the evidence (facts) that was recorded, and the analysis of that evidence.]


Afghanistan to Sumatra, at the different Latitudes and Longitudes shown, and that [has been] presented in this report, covers a lot of ground, and seismic waves moving through the Earth don't cover that much ground in one minute, unless of course it is either one massive and unprecedented earthquake event, unlike an event we have never before seen and witnessed in modern history [the 1964 Alaska earthquake may have come close], or the earthquake was actually several events in different locations all at once. Jim's post indicates they were all one event: "For example his 7.1 Malay Peninsula quake and his 6.6 Afghanistan earthquake are grouped together with the 7.7 in Northern Sumatra, Indonesia and all happened at the same time. The site he references even says that readings grouped together are a single seismic event." If that statement is true
[and there is no reason to doubt it is not true], then Jim, and the sites in question, have all possibly admitted to an Earth shattering single earthquake event never before seen in the recollections of modern recorded history. This is a very good reason for the USGS not to have reported on the other earthquakes. The people deserve the right to have this information and to see it, even if it was made through an error in judgment on the part of Jim and the seismic services in question. Maybe we can get at the truth; whether it was one event or several.

Jim in his blind zealously to trash what I wrote and to personally bash me in his ongoing campaign of trashing and bashing all those associated with bringing forward critical information about the Earth Changes issues, may have very well given away some important and crucial information about one of, if not the largest, single earthquake events this planet has seen since earthquake records started being kept.
And just to think - all I was trying to do was to report on a few measly earthquakes that were not being reported, or being under-reported by the USGS. Thanks to Jim, and his incessant and persistent desire to trash and bash others, rather than to present the facts as they actually are, Jim may have very well given us all a gigantic puzzle piece in the continuing Earth Changes saga.
Sherwood Ensey
Chimayo, New Mexico

This December 29, 2004 article, was initially published to the Earth Changes Central Forums, a great place to get the latest in Earth Change news, information, and discussions that have an alternative viewpoint. The majority of 'original' Earth Changes Central articles are published to the members only forums, and/or the members only area of the website first, before they are released to the general public.

Update July 18, 2005: The Earthquake Event of November 2002 - Forerunner to the Great Indonesian EQ - The original story at the ECC forums that this article is based on was lost in June '05, when the forums area of ECC was hacked down.

"At the heart of science lies discovery which involves a change in worldview. Discovery in science is possible only in societies which accord their citizens the freedom to pursue the truth where it may lead and which therefore have respect for different paths to that truth,"  -- John Polanyi, Canadian Nobel Laureate (Chemistry); commencement address, McGill University, Montreal, Canada, June 1990

How the Powers-That-Be (PTB) Utilize Imitative Communications Deception (ICD) & Decoy, Distract, and Trash (DDT) Tactics to Mislead and Lie to the Public

Note: The disinfo crew folks, whom I would describe as being nothing more than modern day heretic hunters, protect and guard the mainstream science folks and their mainstream axioms as if they were gods, and the axioms were the word of the gods they are guarding and protecting. Science under those conditions is not true science - it is whatever the heretic hunters and their masters want it to be, and in the end it is the masses of people who suffer from such blind ignorance and blind zeal.

Members of the disinfo crew have little to no respect "for different paths to that truth," and steadfastly hold to the mandates of the mainstream axioms. The disinfo crew members will often say they have respect for the alternative views and even espouse them at times, but it should be stressed the disinfo crew espouses the alternative views only when it is useful for them to do so, which is when they need to sway those looking for, or at the the alternative path's to information and news.

The disinfo crew backs the parts of the story that suit's the agenda they want the public to buy into. They use just enough truth to get the public to buy into and follow what they are saying, than at a point that is convenient, the disinfo crew veers away from the facts and the truth and intentionally misleads the public. The tactic is known as Imitative Communications Deception (ICD), and the largely government sponsored (in one way or another) disinformation crew members are good at what they do in the way of Imitative Communications Deception. Many of the Imitative Communications Deception agents who work in the private and contract sector, for, and/or with the powers-that-be, received their initial ICD training from the US government. ICD is all about governments, mostly illegitimate ones, controlling the flow of information to convince the public of things that are not so, all in the name of power and greed.

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