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The Great Indonesian Earthquake of 2004


January 26, 2005

After doing exhaustive research into the population density of the areas in Southeast Asia, the Indian Ocean, and Indonesia, which was affected by the December 26, 2004 tsunami, and looking over scores of reports coming out of the area that was severely devastated, it is becoming increasingly clear that many more died than what the Authorities in place in the region, are willing to tell the general public.

First, a look at the type of devastation that was created by the tsunami and how much power was released by the tsunami.

"The best way to describe this—because we grew up with the images and we all know what it looked like—is that Banda Aceh looks like Hiroshima after the atomic bomb," Rainier said in a phone call yesterday from the ruined provincial capital on the island Sumatra." Chris Rainier, National Geographic, Tsunami Eyewitness Account by Nat Geo Photographer, January 11, 2005

"The earthquake that generated the great Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004 is estimated to have released the energy of 23,000 Hiroshima-type atomic bombs, according to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)." National Geographic, The Deadliest Tsunami in History?, January 7, 2005

Now, let's add the following information, which is relevant to the catastrophic event that took place, into the devastation and power equation:

"Some of the information contained in these maps can be combined and condensed into elevation histograms shown on the right. The distribution of population with elevation is quite dramatic, showing that 80 million people in Southeast Asia live within 25 meters of sea level. It is difficult to predict the impact that a gradual 1 meter increase in sea level would have on this region but it is clear that a 6 meter storm surge could be devastating in a number of areas. Several of these areas are currently experiencing rapid population growth. The distribution of occupied land area with elevation shows that the population distribution is accommodated somewhat by the hypsography of the continent; there is more land area available near sea level than at any other elevation. When the population distribution is adjusted for the available land area we can determine how average population density varies with elevation. Overall, sea level is still the "elevation of choice" with far more people per available area than any other elevation range. Population densities in the large cities are actually much higher than average population densities." Columbia EDU

This is a quote for the population density of Southeast Asia alone: "...80 million people in Southeast Asia live within 25 meters of sea level." That is 25 meters, or 1 meter = 3.2808399 feet, meaning that the majority of the population in that part of the world lives within 100 feet of sea level, or to put it another way, within close proximity of the sea.

Why do people live so close to the sea?

The sea provides a large segment of the population in that region of the World with both a living and a means to eat, and because of that the population density living within close proximity of the sea, and within reach of the deadly tsunami that ravaged the areas most affected, is and was actually much larger than what we are being told - unless of course the population density quite suddenly changed, and that is extremely doubtful.

The census / population for Indonesia at the time of the great earthquake and tsunami was over ~206 million people.

What does this mean in terms of what really happened, and how many perished?

Looking at the calculated density of people living within close proximity of the sea in the Indian Ocean region, and the additional areas of Southeast Asia and Indonesia, which was directly influenced by the tsunami, and taking into careful consideration the above density equation(s) and population estimates of the areas in question, would mean that roughly ~120 million (possibly more) people were very likely in harms way in regards to the influence of the deadly tsunami.

Given that set of facts, and the amount of destruction being reported by eye witnesses, there is a very real possibility that the 'actual' death count caused by the tsunami, a death count that will very likely never be fully revealed by the powers-that-be, will actually be well over 1 million people, maybe even up to, or well over 10 million people.

The powers-that-be (authorities) are definitely not telling the truth in regards to the catastrophe in the Indonesian Region and how many people really perished, and that is as great a tragedy, if not more of a tragedy than the actual catastrophe itself.

The powers-that-be had a good idea the GREAT Indonesian earthquake was coming, and that the quake was coming soon.

A Look at Earth Changes

Today's headlines look like they are literally being taken out of a script for a science fiction movie, or from a novel:

The Discovery of Rapid Climate Change


The Pentagon's Weather Nightmare

How many people are aware that the GREAT Indonesian earthquake and devastating tsunami of December 26, 2004, is part of the predicted Earth Changes? That there are even more GREAT catastrophes on the way?

News reports and headlines from the GREAT Indonesian earthquake and tsunami, read and look like something taken out of a script for a Hollywood blockbuster movie.

The Tsunami as it Struck Thailand
December 26, 2004 - The tsunami as it struck Thailand

"Within minutes of the quake, millions of unsuspecting people were engulfed by a wall of seawater reported to have been as high as 60 feet (18 meters). The tsunami swept everything before it for up to five miles (eight kilometers) inland." National Geographic, Tsunami Eyewitness Account by Nat Geo Photographer, January 11, 2005

The Future of Earth Changes

Future Wars Fought Over the Issue of Survival

By 2010 to 2020 Europe Hard Hit by Climate Changes

By 2007 Violent Storms Smash Coastal Barriers

Widespread Famine & Death Increase Globally

Mega Droughts Wreak Havoc on World's Food Supply

Access to Water Becomes Major Battleground

Riots & Major Conflicts Erupt Across Large Areas of the Planet

Wild and Dangerous Weather Swings

Violent and catastrophic geological changes

And that is just what is happening with the weather situation and the climate changes, earthquakes, and the volcanic activity, and does not take into account the heightened, and continuing possibly that Earth is very likely to experience some sort of a cosmic related catastrophe within the next 200 to 400 years - very possibly within the next decade. There is growing and mounting evidence that Earth is indeed going to have a 'close encounter' with some sort of cosmic debris, and that this encounter will most likely be associated with a large comet or planetary type cosmic body intruding into the inner reaches of our solar system. There is an increasing and growing concern that this encounter may very likely happen sooner, rather than later, and within the lifetime of many who are living now.

Earth Changes and terrestrial catastrophism is not a myth, or the imagination of vivid and wild out of touch mentalities, or is it science fiction, or fantasy, or figment's of one's imagination; Earth Changes and terrestrial catastrophism are very much a reality:

"Recent astronomical data are employed to make a detailed analysis of periodic terrestrial bombardment by molecular cloud debris during revolution around the Galaxy. Passage through the Gould Belt 3-6Myr ago would have resulted in glaciation, geomagnetic reversals, and extinction events, all of which may have left evidence. The break up of large comets in the solar system after passage through the Belt would produce a large dust and meteor input to the atmosphere, causing a rise of up to 1 percent of C-14 in the atmosphere. The level would be sufficiently high to affect a full climatic cycle. Some glaciation could also occur, and the last Ice Age could have been caused by the progenitor of comet Encke, part of which was the Tunguaska meteorite, an interstellar object. It is estimated that further debris from the zodiacal cloud will intersect earth during the period 2000-2400 AD." Victor Clube, William Napier, The microstructure of terrestrial catastrophism, Journal: Royal Astronomical Society, Monthly Notices (ISSN 0035-8711), vol. 211, Dec. 15, 1984, p. 953-968.

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